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Brief History of the Club

In early sixties when locality of Srirampur in Garia was under panchayat and was in most under-developed stage with kuchcha roads and almost no light on streets; few eminent residents of the area felt the dire necessity of an association which could be a central point for local unity as well as cultural development of the inhabitants of the area. The foreseeable prospects of the area encouraged them plunged into forming an association, namely “Srirampur Kalyan Samity” which got registered on 21st November, 1962.

The club acquired progressively its reputation for various social-activities and sports and finally today it has been able to achieve a most eminent position among all the leading clubs of South Kolkata in the field of various social activities and sports like football, cricket, gymnastics, multigym, swimming, yogasan, table tennis and others.

In the year 2002, the old name “Srirampur Kalyan Samity” however, had to be changed to “Garia Srirampur Kalyan Samity” as many people often mistook its existence in Srirampur in the district of Hooghly.

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