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Games & Sports are one of the major strengths of the Samity as it runs several in-house games departments and thus provides training opportunities to various sports-loving talents to avail necessary coaching in their field of interest from most able and expert coaches of State and National repute. Trainees are given chances to practice even with senior players to develop their skills further and enhance their confidence level necessary during games.


  • This is the oldest among all games departments of the Samity.
  • Coaching and training centre is run throughout the year.
  • Ex-National Footballers are invited to observe practice of trainees for their able guidance to improve overall standard coaching.
  • Trainees are coached as per the guidelines of a FIFA qualified coach.


  • The Club runs Coaching Centre under supervision of professional coaches throuout the year.
  • It organizes annual tournaments for 102 points & Under 14 on home-ground.
  • It participates in away-tournaments including ones organized by CAB.
  • One Cricket infrastructure has impressed CAB to select our ground for playing matches of 95 points Tournaments organized time to time by them.
  • The Centre is registered with District Authority.