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Blood Donation Camp
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A powerful Committee with highly experienced members has been formed to manage on one side the overall growing expenses of the club and on the other side mobilizing fund effectively to avoid any interruption in the growth of the Club activities.

Ground & Park Maintenance

Maintenance of club-ground and the park on its eastern side needs special and regular attention for proper maintenance. A committee has been formed for the purpose of observing and recommending processes and systems for proper maintenance to the Managing Committee and help to implement the same. This year we have taken an ambitious plan to modernize our ground under the guidance of Kalyani University Bivag. It is expected that these will improve the condition of playground.

Construction & Maintenance

A committee consisting of members with professional experience in construction controls and monitors all construction and extension projects of the Samity.

Legal Affairs

A committee has been formed to keep watch on the legal aspects and forward its recommendations time to time to the managing committee.

Senior Citizens’ Forum

The forum has been formed to devise ways and make possible arrangements for entertainments and health care for senior citizen members of the Samity.


The Samity runs a club-canteen, under its control by leasing out to an individual for the purpose of catering quality food, purified water, tea etc. to the members, players and their guardians and inhabitants of the locality at very reasonable charges.