Blood Donation Camp
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Club Objectives

The club was founded with prime objectives of:

  • To create a unity among all the local inhabitants to fight jointly against evils and malpractices that may affect the normal life of the locality.

  • To lead and organize various social activities to upgrade the social well-being of the local and neighboring inhabitants.

  • To develop and uplift the moral upbringing along with mental and physical fitness of the youngsters by organizing various sports round the year and coaching through competent coaches in the field of Football, Cricket, Gymnastics, Yogasan, Multigym, Swimming, Table Tennis and others.

  • To create a bonding among all local inhabitants irrespective of any communal differences and enhance cultural growth among all members and inhavitants of the area by organizing various cultural programs time to time every year.

Projects in Priority

  • To increase number of Members

  • Provision of facilities exclusively for senior members of the Samity

  • Modernisation of Library